V is for Vilsack

January 15, 2009 at 9:23 pm Leave a comment

Looks like harvest time for former Iowa Govenor Tom Vilsack. Following a pro forma confirmation hearing yesterday, he’s a shoe in for Secretary of Agriculture. Why are we not surprised?

His Iowa pal Tom Harkin, chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee, praised Vilsack as one who “knows production agriculture [and] what it takes to promote profitability.”  (Where’s the Roundup when you need it?)

Though there were petitions from organic food groups complaining about the nominee’s support for genetically modified food (thank you, Monsanto), that didn’t even come up in the questions or discussion.

In fact, from the news coverage it looks like the word “sustainability” may not even be in the future Aggie-in-Chief’s vocabulary. When asked about his position on Obama’s platorm for limiting subsidies for commodity growers, Vilsack very carefully straddled the center of the cornfield, saying “I think it’s incumbent upon [the USDA] to…. make sure that people who deserve to get support are getting that support and folks who don’t deserve to get it aren’t getting it.”   Wow, maybe all of the small sustainable farmers across America should organize a pick-up caravan to Washington next week to pickup the checks they deserve.  (Oh, sorry, he may not have meant you, actually we don’t know who he meant.)

But here’s a flash: he promised not to discriminate against blacks. (What a relief. We’re delighted that Tom Terrific has read the Civil Rights Act of 45 years ago.)

Still waiting to harvest some “change we need” for sustainable agriculture.  Doesn’t look like a bumper crop.

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