Dear Lieutenant Governor

June 20, 2009 at 9:40 am Leave a comment

Don’t you love it when you take the time to write to an elected official and you receive a nice polite reply that says nothing? Below is my recent exchange with N.C. Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton regarding his challenge to encourage us to exercise and eat more fruits and veggies (great idea). You get points for eating more produce and it doesn’t matter whether it’s fresh, frozen or from a can, he says (not so good). In other words it doesn’t matter how many miles it traveled to get to your mouth, or how many petro-chemicals were used and greenhouse gases emitted to produce or transport it.  He provides a handy list of produce that includes many that are out of season or unavailable in North Carolina. No mention of where to find locally grown food (missed opportunity to support the local economy) even though our state has a Goodness Grows in N.C. campaign to promote farms and farmers’ markets.

(Thanks  to Linda Watson for emailing allies about this; she runs the fantastic Cook for Good website that shows you how to eat real food, including organics, without breaking the budget.)

I registered for Dalton’s campaign to see for myself, filling out the required form that hands him my name, address and email. He got my contact info (that should come in handy next time he runs) and all I got was a very nice and very disappointing reply.

‘Dear Lieutenant Governor,
Your challenge to get us to eat more fruits and vegetables is a great idea. But it would be even better for the health of our local economy, and our environment (lower our carbon footprint), if you expanded the challenge to give us extra points for eating locally grown produce. You could tie it to the Goodness Grows in North Carolina program and encourage all to shop at their local Farmers’ Markets and food co-ops, join a local CSA farm, or plant a garden in their backyards.

* * *

‘Dear Dee,
Thank you so very much for contacting my office and for your support of our new healthy initiative. As you know, I care deeply about promoting healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes for North Carolinians. I thank you for your suggestion and for your advocacy on promoting locally grown foods. Once again, thank you for writing and sharing my concern for a healthier North Carolina.  
Most sincerely,
Walter Dalton
Lt. Governor of North Carolina’

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