My New Year’s Resolutions

December 27, 2009 at 10:18 pm Leave a comment

1) Have more voices on this blog. Lyle — the biofuels baron who hatched an eco-industrial complex that produces energy, worms, compost and food — has asked if he can join in, along with Carol, another fine writer and activist. I look forward to their contributions. I’d also love to hear from other sustainable farmers, foodies, activists and entrepreneurs from the greater Triangle area who have ideas about how to further fertilize our foodshed so it can nourish us all.

Feel free to comment anytime, of course, but if you have a post you’d like us to consider, just send it to me here.  I look forward to hearing from y’all.

2) Keep eating fresh, local, whole food, as close to home as possible. See No More Excuses.

3) Eat gobs of fresh, home-cooked food and lose weight. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but it worked for me. I finally lost the last 8 pounds I’ve been trying to get rid of for awhile.  I took a page from Mark Bittman (author of Food Matters and the NY Times Minimalist column) and Linda Watson (Cook for Good website). They advise eating less meat (fewer calories, lower carbon footprint) and more fresh fruits and vegetables. They also recommend cooking up a pot of beans every week for high-protein, low-fat soup and chile with fresh veggies. They use meat mostly as a flavor enhancer, which means I can afford the good local stuff raised without pesticides, herbicides and antibiotics. (See A Free-Range Chicken in Every Pot.)  I followed their directions and won the locavore trifecta: lost weight, lowered my carbon footprint and saved money.

4) Buy local or organic whenever possible. The folks at ECO, Eastern Carolina Organics, can explain why.  

5) Patronize eateries that promote local farmers. Sure it’s more cost-effective to cook at home, but when Ido go out, I like to dine at the restaurants that support sustainable agriculture. See My Foodshed.

6) Build a bigger deer fence.  This year I experimented with a small 4 x 4 foot raised bed for tomatoes, squash and herbs. That went well, so I added another for sweet potatoes (see Subterranean Sustenance). Now I’m hooked. I’m ready to grow about six raised beds for peas, broccoli, lettuce, chard, tomatoes, squash, sweet potatoes, garlic, onions and carrots.  I also plan to use season extenders (low-tunnels and hoops) so I can grow year-round, and I plan to move my herbs to a kitchen garden right outside my south-facing backdoor.

Last year I enclosed my two little beds in deer netting. When I expand, I’ll need more serious reinforcement as we have a deer family that crosses my garden space every blessed night. I may have to install  an 8-foot neon Detour sign.

7) Fire up the outdoor pizza oven.  I need to convince Angelina, Joe and friends to host a monthly locavore make-your-own Greek pizza night this summer at the wood-fired oven Joe built on the Central Carolina Community College campus.  I promise to help. Anybody know some good bellydancers? See Joe and Angelina’s Hearth.

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