It takes a village, II

December 2, 2010 at 11:55 pm 1 comment

By Dee Reid

This is Donna's bella pizza, not my version; we ate mine before we could get a photo.

I padded over to the garden this morning at dawn, still in my bathrobe, hoping to harvest some fall lettuce and chard for tonight’s pizza supper. It was cooold out there. When I lifted the reemay hoop tunnel I had erected to protect the crops from frost, my heart sank. Everything had been seared by the sub-freezing night temperature.  No more chard, basil, arugula and red leaf lettuce.

The air between the reemay row cover and ground was just too darn cold, a clear signal that my garden was ready to be put to bed for the winter. I wasn’t quite ready to quit gardening so soon, but Earth had other plans, reminding me that I’m not in charge of everything (or at least that I should learn to be better prepared).

Onward.  After work I stopped at Chatham Marketplace in the dark (another sign that winter is arriving). I was still determined to find fresh local greens for pizza and salad. Thank goodness my more experienced neighbors know how to protect their crops from frost. Judging from the locavore display at CM today, our farmers are still growing strong.

I scored some fresh Swiss chard from Edible Earthscapes and a gigantic head of lettuce from Screech Owl’s Greenhouses. I already had some some smoked cheese from the Goat Lady, and I was sure to find leftover sausage, onions, basil and carrots in the fridge at home.

Now all I needed was pizza dough, tomato sauce and a little mozzarella. So I headed around the corner to Donna Bianco’s place, Bella Donna/Our Neighborhood School Pizzeria, where I could pick up the “Make and Bake” special: A ball of pizza dough, a small container of tomato sauce and some fresh mozarella, to go. Five minutes later I was home, and 25 minutes later we were stuffing ourselves with warm local Italian goodness.  

In Pittsboro,  it’s still possible to put together a healthy supper with fresh local food in December, even when your garden konks out, thanks to farmers, cooks and a food-co-op dedicated to growing and sharing the best possible ingredients.

It took a village once again to assemble my supper tonight –and that’s why it tasted so good.

Grazzie mille to Jason, Haruka, Screech, Donna, the Goat Lady and everyone at ChathamMarketplace.

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It takes a village ‘Twas two days before Solstice…

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